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E-learning and training

Localizing your e-learning and courseware can be a headache. Not only do you need to create localized versions of complex content that your customers can easily understand and enjoy all over the world, but you also need to localize the different components. Text, videos, animations, narrations and images may all need localization before it can be rolled out to a global audience – here is where the 3di localization team can help.

More than translation

Our services go beyond just translation. Terminology, graphics, currencies, tone of voice and lots of other details can have very different interpretations in different countries and regions. Localization deals with all these factors and considers what the experience of using your e-learning or courseware will feel like for different customers, allowing you to effectively target customers in different markets.

3di employs highly experienced human translators who can translate your e-learning content into any major world language. Whether it requires scientific understanding, like personality tests, or knowledge of highly regulated markets, like the financial sector, our translators know the importance of using the right terms in the right places. They also know that effective e-learning content needs a human voice if it is to pass on knowledge or skills effectively. We make complexity clear for your customers, no matter where they are and ensure nothing is lost in translation.

A complete product, ready to roll-out

Our localization engineers modify and re-engineer your e-learning and courseware. They implement all those needed changes to the text, videos, animations, images, interactive assessments and any other components that make up your e-learning package. They then fully test the product before returning it to you, making use of the latest tools, to ensure everything is in order. What you get is a product that is ready to roll-out to market.

Why prioritise just one language?

We can localize your e-learning and courseware into multiple languages at once, which means you can release your product to your customers in multiple countries simultaneously. Some of our projects service over 30 languages at once, and return these versions ready to use in their target region.

Translation is tactical; Localization is strategic

3di can help you achieve the following specific strategies to make e-learning and training localization easier:

  • Start global then adapt for each market
  • Make some space
  • When in Rome
  • Use graphics and text that can flex
  • Test early
  • Don’t compromise on translation quality
  • Make it really easy for any in-market reviewers
  • Build up reusable assets

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