Technical Manuals Translation and Localization

Technical manual translation services

You’ve invested in creating a complex and valuable product, and your customers expect and need clear, accurate technical documentation. Achieving that in multiple languages can become a significant barrier to export growth, and can increase your support costs and liabilities. You may have had problems with translators not understanding your technology, or believe there must be a more efficient way of achieving what you need.

3di knows how to achieve accurate and efficient technical translations:

  • We are technical authors too, so we understand how your manuals work, and can identify how to make them easier to translate.
  • The 3di translators for your project will understand your technology, and we use sample translations and terminology review with you to ensure you are happy with their approach.
  • Our in-house team are expert with the tools you have used to create your English manuals, and we know how to efficiently deliver ready-to-publish multi-lingual files back to you.

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