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Your integrated, outsourced translation partner

We combine automation tools and one of the most experienced localization management teams in the UK, integrating with your workflows and processes to be a seamless extension of your teams.

When your translation challenges are getting tougher to solve and manage, 3di will be able to help you outsourcing transition to a more strategic, localization approach. We can deliver tactical projects for you, but will aim to establish a localization roadmap with you; a strategy that will ensure creating multi-lingual versions of your products, content, e-learning and documents will get quicker and cheaper.

How do you ensure that the successful product you have developed locally will be received just as well abroad? Beyond translating the content into different languages, is your product fully adapted to your target markets? Will it deliver the same excellent experience to all your customers around the world?

Translation is about the words; Localization includes translation and is the process of making your e-learning translation, software or complex documents suitable for another market. It pulls together all the elements as efficiently as possible.

Outsourcing translate: when simply translating isn’t enough

The words you have written are important: important enough to translate. They are important enough for you to invest in ensuring your customers or staff in one or many countries have just the same quality of experience reading the words as they do in the UK. You need the words to be as useful, informative, accurate and inspiring as they are for your original audience.

3di outsourcing translation expertise will ensure you achieve new language versions that convey the original intended meaning and appear completely natural to the reader. Our broader localization and content creation expertise enables us to take a fresh view of your specific localization requirements and to design a bespoke solution that maximises cost-efficiency and return on investment.


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