Oh boy, what a year it has been! We crunched the numbers and here they are, so you can know what our first year looked like.

First anniversary

April 2017 marks our first birthday! Can you believe 3di Poland has been in operation for that long? Time flies when you’re having fun.

I mean work.

How it all began

Paul Ballard is the managing director of 3di Information Solutions. He met Pawel Kowaluk at UA Conference 2015 in Southampton. Paul had been thinking about expanding his operations to Eastern Europe, considering Czech Republic or Slovakia, but then he came across Pawel. And Pawel had one advantage over other potential business partners in different countries. Pawel was there. He was the man in the room.

So Pawel became the first person in the Kraków office, haunting the hallways until April 2016. That’s when the first project began. That’s when we started counting out the days.

Some hard figures

We reviewed year one, and here are the numbers.

numbers visualised: employee growth from 1 to 9,over 2025000 words written, which makes 8100 pages (but who counts pages anymore), 4320 and a half cups of coffee numbers made more real: 16200 staff hours, which translates to knitting 120 sweaters, painting 720 fences, building 8100 snowmen, playing 10800 games of football, swimming 2916000 laps


We focused just on the important metrics. If you would like to know any others, let us know in the comments below.