I’m in charge of usability and R&D at 3di Information Solutions and work as a consultant advising clients how to make sure customers can use their software, technology and services.  For the “official” bio, here’s my profile in LinkedIn.

I specialise in designing and improving the interfaces between customers and software businesses – particularly the usability of the software itself. I also get involved in improving the interfaces between the various disciplines involved in creating and communicating about software and technology. During 15 years in software and technology companies,  I  have built expertise in developing and implementing technical communications strategy, creating and managing support portals, improving findability of information, developing user-centric business processes and improving software user interfaces. I’ve spent a lot of my working life getting involved in representing customers to various departments within software businesses, and far too much of my time working across business silos to influence, introduce and deliver programmes of change to improve customer and user experiences.