Auth0 documentation
Year of collaboration

2017 – ongoing


Auth0 provides authentication and authorization as a service for app developers. It offers a customizable platform for login, signup and security management in most applications.

Aim: To improve the quality of Auth0 documentation

Auth0 wanted to make information within their documentation more accessible and easier to find, so their users could successfully integrate the Auth0 platform into their app without asking for help. They wanted to limit the number of forum queries related to basic integration tasks.


Content was often edited by several people simultaneously, which led to conflicts within the source control.

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Solution: Simplifying the language, reusing modules, improving the style guide

3di Content Writing Team:

  • Revised 15 quick start guides to improve readability: reduced the use of passive voice, removed unnecessary words and phrases, simplified the language
  • Unified the formatting
  • Unified the language to make content reuse easier
  • Rewrote the style guide to introduce clear rules and examples of good and bad practise


  • Hemingway readability score improved from grade 10 to grade 6
  • Content of the quick start guides presented in a clear and consistent way

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