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A dubious classic, or a 1918 techwriting style guide?

Apart from analysing the product, waiting for SMEs, interpreting the UI, fixing minor…

by 3di • 9 January 2017

Merry Christmas

We had a super intensive time over the last few weeks as each…

by 3di • 21 December 2016

Mannequin challenge

Well, it’s nearly impossible you haven’t heard about the mannequin challenge by now.…

by 3di • 8 December 2016

Welcome to 3di Poland

Hi there! Techwriters, translators, information designers, content strategists, or just content geeks of…

by 3di • 8 December 2016
Product information

5 steps to implement an agile content development process

A mature content production process reduces churn, improves constancy and improves quality. With…

by George Lewis • 11 November 2014