Translation and Localization

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by Jakub Szatko • 5 January 2021
Assuring translation qualityProduct user guidesTranslation and Localization

by 3di • 21 July 2020
Assuring translation qualityE-learning & TrainingTranslation and Localization

Delta Kn

Creating a reliable and repeatable localization process for complex products.

by 3di • 26 November 2019
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Localizing UI strings into 34 languages from US English.

by 3di • 29 July 2019
Assuring translation qualityTranslation and LocalizationYour outsourced partner


Creating a localization strategy for expansion into new markets.

by 3di • 18 April 2019
Assuring translation qualityProduct guidesTranslation and Localization


Streamlining product documentation to simplify localization processes.

by 3di • 29 March 2019