Technical authoring as a service

Creating contentTechnical authoring as a service

Raising the bar: The three pillars of quality technical content

Any organisation’s technical content can become disparate and unconnected if not kept in…

by George Lewis • 8 March 2017
Creating contentTechnical authoring as a service

Can Information Mapping help us write better technical documentation?

Information Mapping Principles Making large amounts of information comprehensible and easy to digest…

by George Lewis • 28 June 2016
Improve flexibilitySingle sourcingTechnical authoring as a service

Collaborative authoring

Collaborative authoring is a method of producing content using more than one author.…

by George Lewis • 17 August 2015
Documentation in agileProduct informationSingle sourcingTechnical authoring as a service

How to ensure outsourcing is a success?

Outsourcing is a cost-effective and flexible way for organisations to quickly access expertise…

by George Lewis • 28 May 2015
Product informationReduce riskStandards and complianceTechnical authoring as a service

How healthy is your documentation?

We have many ways to measure how healthy we are – blood pressure,…

by George Lewis • 14 May 2015
Creating contentInformation designTechnical authoring as a service

Are you talking to me? Personas in technical documentation

Personas have been making their way into technical manuals through a marketing-shaped side…

by George Lewis • 11 May 2015