DDEX content reorganisation
Year of collaboration

2012-2014, 2021


DDEX is a consortium of leading media companies, music licensing organizations, digital service providers and technical intermediaries. They develop and maintain a set of standards to enable the automated exchange of information along the digital media supply chain through XML.

Aim: To have DDEX documentation well-organised and information easy to find.

DDEX had a mature set of good quality documentation but their information was spread across multiple formats and sources – website, PDFs, and emails – so users struggled to find the right document for their needs. In addition, the documents didn’t contain all the information required by the range of expertise levels involved in implementing a standard.


The short period of time for designing the solution.

DDEX Knowledge Base on a Laptop

See our work for DDEX

See our work on DDEX’s information portal

Solution: Reorganising the content, rewriting the FAQ section, reusing modules

3di Content Writing Team

  • Designed and implemented a simple portal for DDEX to build on and maintain;
  • Selected easy-to-use, flexible, low-cost tools for editing and delivering content
  • Designed a simple but scalable way to organize topics for easy retrieval by users
  • Set up a prototype system and migrated a small subset of documents into it
  • Recommended long-term improvements to increase the efficiency of information management and maximize information retrieval
  • Handed over the system to DDEX for day-to-day operations


  • DDEX can now efficiently communicate with their implementers and users.
  • All the necessary information is kept in one place, and is easy to access and update.

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