Improve flexibility

Creating Word output from Flare

by George Lewis • 23 October 2015

Many technical communicators speak of Microsoft Word in hushed tones and with a shiver down their spine, its quirks and inefficiencies often resulting in late nights and low-quality documentation. However, there are some circumstances in which it is necessary to provide documents in Word format, whether that is to adhere to regulations or to ensure […]

Collaborative authoring

by George Lewis • 17 August 2015

Collaborative authoring is a method of producing content using more than one author. Collaborative authoring enables content to be created more quickly, with better quality and provides a more flexible and resilient process.

How to get documentation online?

by George Lewis • 17 August 2015

88% of purchasers say they rely on technical product information to make a purchasing decision. Most customers trust the manufacturer’s website (61%) over other sources of product information (only 5% indicate that video websites are their most trusted source of information). ( With these stats in mind, it makes sense to ensure that technical product […]

5 ways to use product documentation to support your inbound marketing strategy

by George Lewis • 24 October 2014

50% of content marketers say their biggest problem is creating content consistently, and 54% say that producing engaging content is a challenge, according to a Content Marketing Institute study. Product companies already have a wealth of varied content available to them that they may not be fully exploiting – the user documentation. According to IBM […]

Is it time to move on from MS Word?

by George Lewis • 6 January 2014

Everyone has Microsoft Word, so it’s not surprising that a lot of product documentation starts its life in Word. However, as an organisation develops, so do its products. And, as with all other processes that support those products, the product documentation must evolve too. The tools that may have served well initially reach their natural […]

Migrating FrameMaker documents to Flare

by George Lewis • 10 September 2011

3di is migrating a series of user guides from FrameMaker to Flare as part of a single sourcing strategy for a client. The migration process is well integrated in Flare, but a few additions to the standard process make the operation smoother. This article describes some of preparatory steps in FrameMaker that make migration as […]