Information design

Collaborative content and keeping users happy

by George Lewis • 6 October 2015

Content creators come in all shapes and sizes, and from all sides of an organisation, but do these differences affect the user experience? Before we talk to our customers, should we talk to each other? Any given organisation has many different voices addressing customers at any one time. With a well-managed content plan, all of […]

How to get documentation online?

by George Lewis • 17 August 2015

88% of purchasers say they rely on technical product information to make a purchasing decision. Most customers trust the manufacturer’s website (61%) over other sources of product information (only 5% indicate that video websites are their most trusted source of information). ( With these stats in mind, it makes sense to ensure that technical product […]

Are you talking to me? Personas in technical documentation

by George Lewis • 11 May 2015

Personas have been making their way into technical documentation through a marketing-shaped side door. Product Management and Marketing departments alike have long been using personas to target potential buyers, but their content isn’t the only thing buyers see. Nine out of ten potential customers now look at technical documentation before making a purchasing decision, so […]