Standards and compliance

US documentation standards and regulations

by George Lewis • 8 January 2016

US documentation standards are very similar to the standards set out for EU documentation. Creating documentation that is compliant with EU standards goes a long way towards documentation compliance in US markets. However for full compliance in the US markets, you need to understand how standards are created and what the key elements you need […]

EU documentation standards and regulations

by George Lewis • 10 December 2015

European Union (EU) product compliance is recognised by CE (Conformité Européenne) marking. This marking of products is based on compliance with the European Harmonized Standards and is used to show that products comply with the relevant health and safety requirements. Many of the CE marking directives impact the requirements for user’s instructions. So how do […]

How healthy is your documentation?

by George Lewis • 14 May 2015

We have many ways to measure how healthy we are – blood pressure, BMI, heart rate, cholesterol levels, age, temperature and many more. From these measures we know what is good or bad health. Using this analogy, documentation standards are measures of the “health” of your documentation. Does your documentation help the reader? Does the […]