Technical authoring as a service

Raising the bar: The three pillars of quality technical content

by George Lewis • 8 March 2017

Any organisation’s technical content can become disparate and unconnected if not kept in check. Users are likely to get frustrated with your documentation if it is inconsistent or impossible to navigate, and this can give them a bad impression of your product or organisation as a whole. Without a structured plan, your authors can easily […]

Can Information Mapping help us write better technical documentation?

by George Lewis • 28 June 2016

Making large amounts of information comprehensible and easy to digest is the bulk of what we do as technical communicators. But this is a task for which most people have had no formal guidance. Information Mapping is already used in the world of business process documentation to break down and re-structure information so that employees […]

Collaborative authoring

by George Lewis • 17 August 2015

Collaborative authoring is a method of producing content using more than one author. Collaborative authoring enables content to be created more quickly, with better quality and provides a more flexible and resilient process.

How to ensure outsourcing is a success?

by George Lewis • 28 May 2015

Outsourcing is a cost effective and flexible way for organisations to quickly access expertise or resources to support their operations. Outsourcing can reduce costs by 40-70% due to greater efficiencies, standardisation, automation, and training. In addition to the cost savings, organisations can also benefit from the following: Enhanced capabilities Better predictability of service delivery Reduced […]

How healthy is your documentation?

by George Lewis • 14 May 2015

We have many ways to measure how healthy we are – blood pressure, BMI, heart rate, cholesterol levels, age, temperature and many more. From these measures we know what is good or bad health. Using this analogy, documentation standards are measures of the “health” of your documentation. Does your documentation help the reader? Does the […]

Are you talking to me? Personas in technical documentation

by George Lewis • 11 May 2015

Personas have been making their way into technical documentation through a marketing-shaped side door. Product Management and Marketing departments alike have long been using personas to target potential buyers, but their content isn’t the only thing buyers see. Nine out of ten potential customers now look at technical documentation before making a purchasing decision, so […]