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Write2Users Conference 2017

by Jakub Wiśniewski • 1 December 2017

The fifth edition of Write2Users Conference, organized by the Danish company Write2Users, was an intense tech comm feast, filled with all sorts of practical and theoretical knowledge, news, ideas, insights and discussions. From technical aspects of working in Flare, to SF-like visions of Virtual Reality hitting the mainstream, the range of topics was as divergent […]

man reading a something on his microsoft surface

Here’s why you STILL need a software manual

by Paweł Kowaluk • 23 October 2017

The death of the software manual has been announced many times before, like in this article on the AOL website. (Just make sure you read it quickly, before the AOL website dies.) But contrary to trends and popular opinions, software manuals still exist and bring great value to users. Want to know why? Keep reading!

Technical writer

by George Lewis • 2 October 2017

Are you considering moving to a career in technical writing? Or perhaps you have a little bit of experience and would like to learn more about the profession? We are expanding our team in Kraków and looking for new entrants who want to learn the trade while working for a large client.