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Year of collaboration

2003 – ongoing

Context: Global in-vitro diagnostics leader

Switzerland and Germany-based Roche Diagnostics is a world leader in the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry. The Roche Diagnostics IVD equipment ranges from desk to room-sized modular systems enabling clinicians to accurately and efficiently prepare, process and analyse patient samples.

Aim: A long-term outsourcing partner that consistently delivers

Roche Diagnostics products are complex, with a range of supporting information: UI, online help, training and operator manuals. For regulatory, and usability, reasons, all the information must be available in the local market languages. The Roche Diagnostics standards, processes and tools were well-established, but could a partner consistently deliver?

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Challenges: Complex equipment that needs to meet strict regulations

Everything about the working relationship had to reflect the sensitivity of the equipment’s purpose. The Roche Diagnostics team had to be able to trust the partner’s commitment to quality and their ability to respond as business priorities shifted throughout the product development lifecycle.

Solution: A 15 years + partnership relationship covering authoring, translation, product localization and consultancy

The 3di team:

  • Works as an integral part of the Roche Diagnostics product development lifecycle, covering multiple products.
  • Liaises directly with development engineers and product managers throughout the Roche Diagnostics supply chain.
  • Authors, translates and manages an integrated single-source suite of information that is published in multiple languages within the equipment control panel UI, as online help, and as PDF training and operator manuals.
  • Works to Roche Diagnostics standards using tools and frameworks including Structured FrameMaker, Schema ST4, WebWorks, Trados, Catalyst, Passolo, MS Visual Studio and various XML and HTML editors.
  • Consults on process, tools and framework adaptations and innovations.

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Result: Compliant, multi-lingual documentation and UI consistently delivered on time

  • 3di’s unique combination of technical authoring, translation and localization expertise has been crucial to how the partner relationship has evolved. The single partner relationship, over the many years of product lifecycles, delivers consistent quality, and management and communication efficiencies for Roche Diagnostics.
  • 3di’s scale and culture has enabled long-term relationships to thrive, and supports smooth transitions when the 3di team has needed to grow or shrink to reflect Roche Diagnostics product lifecycles.
  • Roche Diagnostics must audit its suppliers and 3di has consistently been scored in the highest category of quality process maturity and delivery.
  • As the outsource partner relationship with 3di has evolved, Roche Diagnostics has become more and more efficient at supporting its global customers with clear and compliant product information.


“3di has the know-how, the relevant experience and the project managers to deliver our projects and adhere to our high standards.”

— Josef Nosbuesch, Head of Documentation Management, Roche Diagnostics

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