Authoring training and e-learning

Authoring training and e-learning

Let 3di teach you how to write content that can be read by busy people, who may never have the time to read long, complicated documents from start to finish.

There is no special, scientific methodology or difficult concepts to get your head around in this one-day workshop. We focus on teaching you how good writing happens. We teach you how to get started with a key purpose and an outline. We give you authoring solutions for getting your message across.

Enhance your personal writing skills

On a personal level, you will start to think about writing in a different way. You will learn how to structure your thoughts before you begin and how to match your choice of words and tone of voice to those your customers or colleagues use.

In this authoring training 3MD teaches practical skills, like when to use graphics, why you should use tables, how to check that your content is complete with no gaps and how to manage lots of different readers, with different interests and different levels of knowledge.

Skills that enable your whole organisation

3MD is not just a writing workshop. The personal skills you learn are the basis for developing better ways of communicating across your organisation.

The analysis skills we teach will lead you to question just who needs information, what information they need, and whether they currently get what they need.

The ability to write modular content will immediately prompt you to evaluate the kind of information that is available, whether it is ever used and how you might deliver it to make it easier to search, browse and use.

Your organisation can have subject matter experts use their modular writing skills to write their own content for projects, without excessive amounts of editing or tidying up.

Information design is fundamental to writing clear content

3di define ‘information design’ as the kind of planning and analysis a writer does to understand who their readers are and what they need to know. Of course, information design can apply to any communication: Word templates used to for reports, notes uploaded to your corporate wiki, graphs created to display statistics or procedures covering what people need to do.

The 3MD authoring training in the form of workshop teaches the fundamentals of best practice information design.

Authoring solutions. What is modular content?

To create modular content, writers create standalone pieces of information, or chunks. Each piece delivers specific content and can stand apart from other pieces. Of course, gathering pieces of modular content together makes sense – think of it as ‘all you need to know about a topic’. These chunks make it easier to store, find and reuse content.

You don’t produce modular writing by inventing a new format. You can’t produce modular chunks by just splitting existing documents down into smaller bits. It’s a different way of thinking about content.

The 3MD technical writing course in a form of workshop shows you how to create modular chunks of content. Find out more about how our 3MD Workshops run and they can be tailored to your organisations specific needs.


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