Technical writing services

What is technical writing?

Good technical writing creates clear information about complex products, machinery, software and processes.
It delivers significant value when it adds to the customer experience, reduces risks, and supports digital transformation.


Easy to find

Easy to understand

Easy to maintain

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technical writing services

This can be hard to achieve. The reasons are typically:

  • Nobody dedicated to content design and writing
  • The technical writers you do have using old-fashioned approaches
  • Product managers and engineers writing documentation “on the side”
  • Weak communication between engineers and content creators
  • Very little attention given to understand what readers will actually need to know
  • Using the documentation feels too far from using the product
  • Writing and publishing is inefficient and painful
  • Content is rarely updated, poorly organised and inconsistent

The stark result can be:
Nobody reads the content, nobody trusts it, and nobody thinks it is worth spending time on.

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Who works with us?

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Why work with us?

Flexible resources

Hiring great technical writers is hard. We have a growing in-house and associate team with specialist skills and a range of industry backgrounds. We know how to adapt our service to integrate seamlessly with your product development and go-to-market processes – no matter what your industry. There will always be peaks and troughs of work, so you can access our team of specialists when, and only when, you need them.

Information design

3di focusses on creating and managing content for you that meets specific information needs. Agreeing what those are and what it means for the content that will be worth investing in is called Information Design. We use content models that we know work, and we’ll apply the latest methods to ensure your documentation will be engaging, easy to find, understand and act upon. Our approach will make it easy to adapt the content for multiple products, output formats and languages.

Compliance and safety

With complex products, documentation is often critical to meeting safety, regulatory compliance and market acceptance needs. 3di knows how to design and write documentation to be compliant, and will integrate your specific industry requirements with our proven methods, document structures and templates. We will also know how to ensure consistency and efficient management across multiple languages, and the full-range of product compliance information.

Accelerated time to market

Our team has access to the latest tools and software, so we can hit the ground running on your project. Our 3di Fast-track services deploy standard content models, templates and processes that make it easy for you to have great content ready to publish in days. All our services are designed to transform your business-as-usual documentation workflows so that they support your product-to-market priorities.

Content marketing

Your future customers are using technical product information to make their purchasing decisions. 3di knows how to design, write, translate, publish and manage your content so that it can be deployed throughout customer journeys. We’ll create engaging, easy to find content that reflects your brand, builds trust and increases engagement.

Content Analytics

As part of our standard services, our analytics enable us to track and report on your users’ journeys through your content, and understand how they use search and navigation features. We can then identify where to focus our time and your investment, and can demonstrate the value the content, and our services, are delivering for your business.


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