Ensuring best practice in technical communications

Clear technical information about your products, systems, and business processes is critical to the success of your organisation. 3di makes this information work for you. It’s simple: information is more effective when it is well designed, developed and delivered. It’s easier to find and easier to understand.

Achieving this efficiently and getting it right consistently requires specialist expertise. That’s where we come in. We have the expertise to understand your documentation requirements. We can combine people, tools, and processes to deliver a successful outcome. Our solutions are based on three broad types of service:

Your outsourced partner

When you have an ongoing need to create or maintain documentation, but do not have the in-house resources or expertise to respond to and meet the changing demands of this work.

Delivering projects

If your organisation has little or no experience of managing technical documentation projects, or when the volume or complexity of your project requires involving and coordinating several authors.

Supplying resources

When you or your organisation have the time and experience to oversee and guide a contractor’s work. If you need a temporary boost to your existing documentation team during a peak in their work load, 3di can help.

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How 3di can help you ensure best practice in technical communication?

What you want is quality documents delivered within your own timescales at a cost you can afford. But what if your documentation actually added value to your product development process? What if it wasn’t just the last step? What if your documentation helped you to make better, easier to use products? Imagine documentation that doesn’t just save you money on support calls but actually makes you money.

Outsourcing your documentation to 3di takes away the pain of training and maintaining a team of writers. Let your engineers and marketing personnel get back to what they’re good at and let us do what we’re good at – producing really good documentation. Working with us reduces your managers’ workload, meaning they can concentrate on your business. Our specialist managers know exactly how to run an authoring team efficiently and effectively.

The 3di team of documentation specialists is always on hand to provide you with a cost-effective and flexible technical authoring service tailored to your needs. Unlike a contractor or freelance technical author, 3di’s team of technical authors can provide a wide range of skills and experience.

Our authors are trained in popular authoring tools so we get to work straight away on your existing documentation, or advise you on how to ensure your documentation supports your business strategy. And with our best-practice processes 3di ensures you get high-quality documentation delivered on time ensuring your teams, partners and customers get the latest information they need to do their jobs effectively.

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Profit from our experience

Our project managed service combines the expertise of technical authors and our substantial experience in delivering documentation projects. We assign a project manager to your project to give you a level of support that matches your priorities, your budget, and the complexity of your documentation. Typically your project manager will:

  • work with you to understand your requirements and budget constraints
  • find the best available 3di technical authors – either in-house or our freelance network
  • support the author with advice or provide other documentation specialists if they are needed
  • work with the author to scope and prioritise the work before they get started
  • track progress and provide you with regular status updates

If you have a project that would benefit from our project-managed services, why not contact us now? We would welcome the opportunity to listen to your needs and discuss how 3di can help.

If you think 3di might be able to help you by providing a more sustained service, find out about our outsourcing services.

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