Content that supports learning

Content that supports learning


Helping you design and deliver complex training materials through any medium

Training people isn’t easy. Just achieving the logistics of getting people together for a training session can be a huge challenge. Having made the effort, participants quickly become bored or disengaged if the training doesn’t live up to their expectations. Work schedules are too hectic for them to welcome sitting in courses or workshops that don’t deliver.

3di can help. Across a range of industries and sectors, we can provide writers that can design, write and deliver training materials that your participants will love, understand and respond to. No matter what your business, making complexity clear is our business.

Your bespoke training programme

3di offers instructional design for teaching a variety of skills and concepts. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Exercises, practice, games and case studies all contribute to the participant’s learning experience. Problem solving works with some groups to teach certain skills. Carefully introducing concepts, step by step, is the correct approach for other skills.  If you wish, we can adapt your corporate material into the bespoke training programme, or we can create new generic materials.

However you want to deliver

Our writers will work within the parameters of your delivery choice or information infrastructure. If you’re unsure, we will work with you to identify the most effective way of delivering the training:

E-learning: our instructional designers and writers can help you build any type of electronically supported learning and teaching, hosted on your website or intranet.

Training manuals: we can develop any type you need: they can hold all the teaching materials and exercises for use during training; they can be a supplementary ‘takeaway’ to be used when the participant gets back to their desk; or they can provide a set of paced modules for remote learning.

Classroom materials: we can create all worksheets, exercises and teaching aids your trainers need.

Blended learning: you may decide to combine learning in face-to-face sessions and online learning opportunities. This shifts control from the teacher to the participant and is really useful for some organisations. 3di’s instructional designers can help you decide what elements of learning are best suited to the options.

Video and audio: we can create content that can be delivered to your trainees through video or audio presentations.


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