Web Applications Translation and Localization

When taking a software product to a global market, you want your customers to have the same great user experience, wherever they are. Poorly localized software makes your product difficult to understand, and can often make your customers in other countries feel like they’re an after-thought. This is what makes localization such a key part of your development process. Why would you approach the delivery of a user experience worldwide any less effectively than you would for your home market customers?

3di helps you make your product easier to use, easier to understand and easier to enjoy for all your customers, no matter where they are. We ensure the highest quality web application translations, regardless of how specialised or niche your product is.

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More than just web applications translation

Localization of web applications goes beyond just the translation of words. Terminology, graphics, pictures, currencies and lots of other details can have very different meanings between languages, countries and regions. Regulations can also differ from country to country. These need to be addressed throughout software products, in the User Interface (UI) and under the bonnet. Localization deals with all these factors, allowing you to effectively target your audiences in different markets.

3di employs highly experienced human translators, who are specialists with software and have knowledge of your industry. Since they have the technical understanding to fully appreciate your product and any special regulations you might need to follow, they know the importance of using the right terms in the right places – something machine translation would miss.

Web application localization & translation – enabling simultaneous deployment

We can localize your application into multiple languages at once, meaning you can release your product to your customers in multiple countries simultaneously. Some of our projects service over 30 languages at once, and return these versions ready to use in their target region – there’s no need for staggered release dates.

Internationalization for a smooth roll-out

Internationalization is the practice of optimising your content, in order to make the localization process easier. We can get involved upstream during the web development phase to provide your developers with internationalization consultancy and localization readiness training services.

These are valuable skills that will make sure all your web applications are in the best shape to enable headache-free localization into multiple languages. Creating source content with translation and localization in mind not only saves you from encountering problems further down the line, but also saves you from extra development costs. Internationalization allows you to create one product for all your customers, instead of needing a different product for each region.

The Quality Assurance process we carry out ensures that all naming, linguistic and formatting conventions are maintained throughout. We’ll test your localized product using the latest tools to make sure everything is in order before returning the product to you. What you get is a product that is ready to roll out to the market.

3di’s engineers work with a wide variety of software, including:

Desktop applications (C#, Java, .NET)

Mobile devices (iOS, Android, J2ME, WinCE)

Data-driven web services (SQL Server & Oracle)

Online user assistance

E-learning and computer-based training

Embedded systems (‘C’)

Legacy systems

Middleware and CMS content

Structured XML and enterprise content

Why we are a trusted translation partner

Quality assurance

3di is ISO9001:2015 certified, so you can be assured that any work undertaken will be completed to the highest standard. We know that quality translation is achieved through a combination of great translators and efficient processes. 3di are also a member of the Globalization and Localization Association.

20+ years experience

3di has provided translation, localization and technical communication services to over 300 customers. During this time, we’ve honed our craft of creating multilingual versions of complex products, technical documentation and e-learning projects.

Complexity made clear

As well as being translation and localization experts, we also specialise in technical communication – we’ve won many awards for the combined services. So, unlike many other translation service providers, we understand how you have created your content and can support you to make sure it’s as ready for localization as possible.

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