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What is Simplified Technical English?

Let’s face it, Simplified Technical English (STE) can be boring. As a controlled…

by Sarah Eager • 12 March 2021
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Using a style guide to control terminology, and manage quality and costs

Consistency of terminology and language is an important dimension of the quality of…

by George Lewis • 29 December 2014
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Here’s why you STILL need a software manual

The death of the software manual has been announced many times before, like…

by 3di • 23 October 2017

How to migrate to S1000D with ease?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the S1000D standard. You’d like to introduce it to…

by Michał Bochenek • 1 September 2017

Technical Writing: Evolution

It’s really nice that more and more people are familiar with what technical…

by Michał Bochenek • 4 July 2017

Technical writing – what is it and where can I find it?

Living in the XXI century, you’ve definitely come across technical writing at some point.…

by 3di • 16 May 2017