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Dawid Wieczorek

Technical Author

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Dawid joined 3di as a Technical Author in 2018. Dawid is well matched to be a technical author, as it combines his two passions of language and technology. He also likes the creative parts of authoring technical documentation and enjoys the challenge of keeping up with a fast-paced industry.

Before joining 3di, Dawid spent 8 years teaching secondary school children English. Often, to make his classes more interesting to his students, Dawid would use his knowledge of technology to engage them in unusual ways.

Dawid graduated with a BA in English linguistics, with a minor in Russian, from the Pedagogical University of Cracow.

When he’s not authoring technical documents, Dawid relaxes by playing video games, watching documentaries and sci-fi movies, as well as indulging in his interest in astronomy and linguistics.

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