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Denise Marshall

Senior Technical Author

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Denise works at 3di as a Senior Technical Author. Like many Technical Authors, Denise enjoys working on complex products and services and making them easy to understand.

Prior to joining 3di, Denise had already spent a decade as a technical author working at companies including NCR, Avaloq, and HP Autonomy. Their expertise goes beyond authoring help centres, manuals, API docs, and training materials - including understanding information requirements, documentation design, content planning, and team management.

Denise graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master of Arts with Honours in Linguistics, and holds an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Three Rivers Community College (Norwich, CT, USA). Their linguistics degree is perfect for winning arguments about the correctness of English used by 'kids these days'.

Outside of technical authoring, Denise is passionate about community building. Denise leads a Squirrel Scout drey, organises a weekly Quaker Children's Meeting, is a lead organiser with Pedal on Parliament cycle campaign, and volunteers for a handful of other community groups. Somehow, Denise also manages to fit in some recreational cycling, sewing, swotting up on Agile processes, and hanging out with their two children.

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