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Jakub Szatko

Technical Author

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Jakub is a Technical Author at 3di. Coming from a family of teachers, Jakub enjoys taking complex subject matter and breaking it down so that it is easy to understand, and has spent most of his career doing so.

Prior to joining 3di, Jakub worked as an accounts manager for an IT company specialising in information modelling. There, Jakub gained a good working knowledge of IT infrastructure and architecture in large businesses, as well as how to explain these systems to customers. Jakub has also had roles as a content manager, producing brochures, PR pieces and whitepapers, and has worked as an accounts manager in the printing industry, managing accounts for large brands.

Jakub holds a Masters in Romance studies from the Jagiellonian University, Poland.

Away from work, Jakub keeps himself very busy. With a keen interest in electronic music, Jakub collects vinyl, tinkers with synthesisers, DJs, and runs a small, independent music label with his brother (See their Bandcamp profile here). Jakub also spends time honing his writing skills, and published his first novel a few years ago.

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