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Kacper Bojakowski

Technical Author

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Kacper is a Technical Author at 3di. Like many technical writers, Kacper enjoys learning about new, cutting-edge products and technology, and sharing his knowledge through his writing. He also enjoys the challenge of mastering complex subject matter and gets great satisfaction from doing so.

Prior to becoming a technical writer, Kacper had a varied career. As an English tutor, he planned and conducted courses for various audiences, including learners with technical backgrounds, such as software developers or logisticians. Kacper also worked as a translator, proofreader and editor, which gives him valuable experience in his role as a technical author.

Kacper holds many qualifications, including a degree in English, a postgraduate qualification in Technical Communication and a certificate from ITCQF.

Away from his work, Kacper enjoys playing the guitar and tinkering with his audio gear. He also enjoys watching horror films and collecting classic video games, and is a proud cat guardian.

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