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Keith Kirkwood

Senior Technical Author

Keith joined 3di in 2017 as a Technical Author. With a keen interest in design, Keith gets great satisfaction from improving the user experience of products with smart and innovative use of technical writing. He also enjoys getting the opportunity to learn about cutting edge technologies in the 3di internal tech team, and in his role as Tech Lead on certain projects.

Prior to joining 3di, Keith has worked as a software engineer, tester and support engineer at several companies, including a telecoms provider and fintech firm. Keith holds a degree in computer science and electronics, and has taken some additional short courses in design, including ‘IDEO Design Kit: The Course for Human Centred Design’ and ‘U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society and Self’.

Away from the office, Keith is an avid music fan, playing drums and percussion in various bands. When he’s not pretending to be a rock star, Keith can be found listening to rock, jazz, and electronic music, attending the occasional music festival, and reading all the sci-fi he can get his hands on.

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