Magdalena is the HR and Supplier manager at 3di. In her role, she enjoys interacting with our talented network of freelancers, as well as helping our in-house team grow and develop their skills.

Before joining 3di, Magdalena was an office manager at global integrity and compliance risk firm, managing the Krakow, Madrid, and Amman offices. Prior to that Magdalena worked in an international non-profit organisation as an office and event manager.

Magdalena holds a degree in Event Management for Cultural Activities and a masters degree in Latin American studies from Jagiellonian University.

In her spare time, Magdalena enjoys gardening and growing her own fruit and vegetables. When circumstances permit, she also enjoys slow travelling (the practice of immersing yourself in a country’s culture over an extended period of time), most recently spending time in Peru. Magdalena also enjoys playing board games and watching Marvel movies.