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Małgorzata Kałuża

Localization Project Manager

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Małgorzata works at 3di as a Localization Project Manager. In her role, she enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. She really enjoys learning the idiosyncrasies in different regions, and this helps inform her work.

Małgorzata has been a Localization Project Manager for over six years in several international localization companies. She has been involved in many projects, spanning numerous industries. Her strangest project was translating prisoners' letters into French, to help prison officials check for secret messages.

Małgorzata graduated from the Jagiellonian University, where she studied Asian culture. She also teaches Chinese as a side hustle.

Away from work, Małgorzata loves travelling and likes to visit destinations off the beaten path. She also likes spicy food but doesn't like cooking it. Her work life sometimes carries over to her personal life, as lately she has been project-managing her friends' house moves.

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