Michal is our Krakow office’s Senior Author & Team Leader. When asked what he enjoys about his role, Michal states that he loves planning and implementing various strategies to deliver client projects successfully. He also enjoys finding new talented co-workers to join his team. When he is authoring documentation, Michal likes indulging his creative side by using graphic design to improve technical writing.

Prior to joining 3di, Michal worked at Motorola Solutions, where he started his technical writing career and cut his teeth on DITA authoring. Before this, Michal worked as a freelance video games localizer, working on some high-profile franchises such as Resident Evil, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Darksiders.

Michal holds an MA in English with a specialization in Linguistics and also a  post-graduate qualification in literary translation.

Away from his work, Michal likes to spend his free time working on his music blog and YouTube channel, and also has a side hustle as a concert photographer. When he’s not abusing his eardrums, Michal plays the part of Chief Editor for Kronika Geeka