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Mickael Guegan

Senior Localization Engineer

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Mickael joined 3di as a Project Manager in 2010, making the switch to Localization Engineering a couple of years later. Mickael’s favourite aspects of his role are finding and solving the many problems that can arise in localization projects. He also enjoys looking for more efficient ways to localize various types of documentation and software.

Mickael has considerable previous experience in translating and creating technical documentation. Before joining 3di, Mickael’s career focused on technical translation - from translator to reviewer and eventually project manager - in various European languages (mostly into French, his native language, and German). This spanned many different industries, such as aeronautics, automotive and IT.

Mickael holds a Master's degree in Linguistics and Technics from the CFTTR (Center for Training of Translators, Terminologists and Technical Writers), University of Rennes 2 in France.

In his spare time, Mickael keeps busy by practicing yoga, snorkeling, watching movies and documentaries, and has been known to enjoy a good strategy game.

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