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Radosław Kulgawczuk

Senior Technical Author

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As a Senior Technical Author at 3di, Radosław enjoys putting his linguistic and authoring skills to the test. He also enjoys creating technical documentation for a variety of products, as well as getting the opportunity to learn about new technologies and solutions.

Before joining 3di, Radosław was documenting household appliances as a Technical Author at Electrolux. Working on a variety of projects for food preparation lines gave him a good grounding in DITA authoring, content architecture and cooperating with a product development team.

At 3di, Radosław has had a chance to produce both printed and online documents for hardware and software products, always looking for areas where he could improve both himself and the project he works on.

Away from authoring, Radosław has a keen interest in motorcycles, reading classic philosophy, looking after his pet scorpion and playing video games.

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