Technical Lead Job Description – overview

The employee serves as a central person responsible for technology within the organisation. This person creates strategy and guides other in implementing technical solutions for 3di customers and 3di as an organisation. This person proposes innovative solutions and drives their implementation and support.

Summary Job Description

The employee’s job duties fall broadly into the following categories:

  • Leading the organisation in terms of technology
  • Contributing to smooth business operations
  • Contributing to 3di’s excellent customer relations, the success of 3di projects and our customers
  • Contributing to the development of 3di’s services, expertise, quality processes and financial success

Technical Leadership

As a lead person, the employee:

  • Does due diligence as far as analysis and design of any projects they undertake
  • Owns technological solutions to implement designs made for our customers, including:
    • content management
    • content publication, web hosting
    • translation and localisation management
    • automation of repetitive tasks
    • tooling for contributors
  • Owns solutions to support 3di business strategy and service delivery, including:
    • Jira: manages work flows and set up for new projects
    • Security, both internal and on customer projects
    • Reporting, internal and to customers
    • Automation in all areas
    • Platforms we deliver to customers, e.g. Vodafone, Resilient and similar future solutions
    • Tech stack: Jenkins, repositories, publishing, testing
    • Tech X, the internal support team
  • Creates and implements short and long-term strategy in terms of technological growth
  • Leads the implementation and support of technological solutions
  • Works with other 3di leaders to deliver services within their function
  • Ensures that 3di staff have the necessary software and that it is up to date
  • Ensures staff follow processes and proposes process improvements where necessary
  • Participates in creating new products and services where technology is concerned
Contributing to Business Operations

As a contributor, the employee:

  • Removes all technological obstacles from business operations
  • Ensures that 3di is compliant with license agreements
  • Ensures that 3di and customer data is secure from leak, tampering and accidental deletion
  • Proposes, implements and supports new technological solutions that improve business operations
Contributing to Customer Relationships and Customer Success

As a contributor, the employee:

  • Conducts respectful and friendly communication with customers
  • Ensures that customers needs are met to the highest standards
  • Puts customer needs first
  • Obtains customer feedback, acts on it, and closes the communication loop with the originator
  • Consults to customers to understand requirements and develop solutions
  • Works with delivery teams to develop solutions
  • Serves as technical lead on projects
Contributing to the Development of 3di

As a contributor, the employee:

  • Ensures 3di is ahead of the curve in terms of technology and is seen as a leader by both competitors and customers
  • Uses their personal brand to build 3di reputation
  • Uses their influence to grow 3di team
  • Constantly learns to give 3di new capabilities

Limit of Responsibilities

Although the employee will often be required to work with a degree of autonomy, there are a few activities that are definitely outside the scope of this role:

  • Making financial decisions without the knowledge of management
  • Taking responsibility for legal matters
  • Spending company funds without supervision from management