Year of collaboration

2019 – ongoing

Context: A fitness technology start-up with a revolutionary idea

VAHA is a vibrant, Berlin-based company that raised millions of euros in funding for turning a bold, futuristic concept into reality: a digital mirror. When switched on, their product brings working out at home to an unprecedented level. When switched off, it becomes an interior-matching mirror.

Aim: Product documentation created from scratch

VAHA needed professional product documentation to ship with their product. Though their digital mirror boasts a modern, intuitive design, it needed a compact, well-written user guide in two languages: English and German.

Challenges: No physical contact with the actual hardware

Due to the nature of the product, pre-agreed budget and deadlines, 3di had no way of physically engaging with the device itself. This required striking a good connection between the 3di Lead Author and the customer, to keep the information flow as efficient as possible.

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Solution: A complete, print-ready user guide in two languages

The 3di team:

  • Analysed VAHA’s requirements, providing initial consultancy to advise on the best approach to creating the content.
  • Was in close contact with VAHA throughout the project, to capture the technical information needed.
  • Created a content model and content plan based on the customer’s needs.
  • Wrote the content in English, based on the input gathered.
  • Used MadCap Flare to design, write and output the final, print-ready document.
  • Localized the user guide into German.

Result: Ready-to-go, localized product documentation

  • VAHA has a ready-to-go user guide to ship with their product.
  • 3di delivered both technical writing and localization services during the busy Christmas period.
  • 3di prepared a final, print-ready document, eliminating the need for additional desktop publishing work.

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