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For the past decade, our Localization team has been using XTM Cloud as our preferred translation management system. We use XTM Cloud in tandem with other translation and localization tools, such as MadCap Lingo, to help ensure we can deliver large, complex translation projects with ease.

Our localization project managers are certified by the Localization Institute, giving us plenty of experience with translation management systems. This experience, combined with XTM Cloud’s capacity for customisation, helps us deal with unique or niche translation and localization projects quickly and efficiently.


The team at XTM have always impressed us. We first started to explore their capabilities back in 2007 when a new customer (Raymarine) needed us to optimize the way their DITA-based XML technical manuals were set up for localization. XTM offered the most mature DITA files localization processing and the team demonstrated their flexibility and culture of supporting customers with new filters and scripts. For many years we used XTM Cloud alongside other localization management tools until we chose to standardize on XTM Cloud for all our customer projects.”

Paul Ballard, Managing Director of 3di Information Solutions

Why we partner with XTM Cloud

Here are just some of the reasons why we use XTM Cloud as part of our translation and localization toolset:

Scalability – XTM Cloud makes it easy for us to scale projects up and down, allowing us to respond to the changing scope of projects. XTM enables translators and reviewers to be added on a project-by-project basis and makes it clear that all the agreed QA steps have been successful.

Fully Customisable – XTM Cloud has some powerful customisation features, and the 3di team enjoy deploying these to solve customer-specific technical challenges. XTM Cloud’s custom workflows, filters and integration with other translation tools enable us to tackle projects, regardless of how complex they are.

AI-enhanced TM technology – XTM Cloud’s combination of translation memory and artificial intelligence (AI) machine translation (MT) tools help eradicate errors traditionally associated with MT, such as confusion with Homographs. This saves our localization team time, by cutting down on resource-intensive machine translation engine training without sacrificing the quality of the translation.

Easy Integration – The XTM Cloud team have worked hard over the years to ensure that it is easy for the platform to process files from a wide range of content generation tools. As 3di is also a technical writing services business, we enjoy testing and stretching the integration capabilities so that our customers get a smooth, efficient service whether they just need one language or more than 30!

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