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Software Translation and Localization

Did you know that, according to IBM Laboratories, it will cost you up to 100 times more to fix a localization bug if your product was not optimised for localization? Below, you can see some examples of what good and bad localization look like, and how bad localization can cause you many issues in the long run:

Bad localization example

If your product has not been designed or developed with localization in mind, some common problems include:

  • Culturally inappropriate or irrelevant references
  • Truncated text and formatting
  • Misaligned or mis-sized assets
  • Incorrect formatting for addresses, currency, dates etc.
  • Incorrect use of grammar

Good localization example

If your product has been prepared for localization, and you partner with a specialist localization team, you can guarantee:

  • Content doesn’t look translated
  • Cultural references are appropriate
  • Formatting and text display correctly across languages
  • Asset files are structured and organised to be flexible across languages
  • Dynamic text will be reusable and adjust across languages

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Why you can trust 3di with your software translation project

At 3di, we don’t just pass files in and out – we make sure we understand your product to ensure seamless localization. Here is why you can trust 3di with your software translation project:

Since 2002, 3di’s in-house localization engineering team have worked with just about every software development tool. We can quickly advise you on how to prepare your project for localization into different locales and cultures. Together, we will also agree on a process to minimise any manual extracting/importing, building, testing, and publishing.

The market-specific quality assurance process we carry out ensures that all naming, linguistic and formatting conventions are maintained throughout. We’ll test your localized product using the latest tools to make sure everything is in order before returning the product to you. What you get is a product that is ready to roll out to each market.

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Why we are a trusted translation partner

Quality assurance

3di is ISO9001:2015 certified, so you can be assured that any work undertaken will be completed to the highest standard. We know that quality translation is achieved through a combination of great translators and efficient processes. 3di are also a member of the Globalization and Localization Association.

20+ years experience

3di has provided translation, localization and technical communication services to over 300 customers. During this time, we’ve honed our craft of creating multilingual versions of complex products, technical documentation and e-learning projects.

Complexity made clear

As well as being translation and localization experts, we also specialise in technical communication – we’ve won many awards for the combined services. So, unlike many other translation service providers, we understand how you have created your content and can support you to make sure it’s as ready for localization as possible.

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Home » Services » Translation and Localization » Software Translation and Localization

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