Make your e-learning easy to localize – 5 practical tips

by Jakub Wiśniewski • 29 January 2018

One of the benefits of using e-learning to communicate with learners is that you can combine a whole range of media types in one package: videos, animations, audio, interactions, quizzes and images, as well as simple text. Let’s assume you’ve done a great job to make sure these will all combine elegantly and effectively to […]

Raising the bar: The three pillars of quality technical content

by George Lewis • 8 March 2017

Any organisation’s technical content can become disparate and unconnected if not kept in check. Users are likely to get frustrated with your documentation if it is inconsistent or impossible to navigate, and this can give them a bad impression of your product or organisation as a whole. Without a structured plan, your authors can easily […]

Can Information Mapping help us write better technical documentation?

by George Lewis • 28 June 2016

Making large amounts of information comprehensible and easy to digest is the bulk of what we do as technical communicators. But this is a task for which most people have had no formal guidance. Information Mapping is already used in the world of business process documentation to break down and re-structure information so that employees […]

Origins of technical authoring terms

by George Lewis • 24 February 2016

Here at 3di Information Solutions we like our facts and we like our technical authoring. So to help you impress your friends and neighbours, here are a selection of some interesting facts that you can casually drop into a conversation.

US documentation standards and regulations

by George Lewis • 8 January 2016

US documentation standards are very similar to the standards set out for EU documentation. Creating documentation that is compliant with EU standards goes a long way towards documentation compliance in US markets. However for full compliance in the US markets, you need to understand how standards are created and what the key elements you need […]

EU documentation standards and regulations

by George Lewis • 10 December 2015

European Union (EU) product compliance is recognised by CE (Conformité Européenne) marking. This marking of products is based on compliance with the European Harmonized Standards and is used to show that products comply with the relevant health and safety requirements. Many of the CE marking directives impact the requirements for user’s instructions. So how do […]