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Project management services

Do you need additional support to assure the success of a project? Maybe you feel that you don’t have the experience or knowledge of documentation projects to guide, coordinate, or evaluate an author’s work. Or, perhaps you have the experience, but not the time.

If you need support, 3di can provide it with a project-managed service that focuses on delivering the work on time and on budget.

A proven approach that delivers

Our project managed service combines the expertise of technical authors with our project management skills and technology. We assign a Project Manager and a Lead Author to your project to give you a level of support that matches your priorities, your budget, and the complexity of your documentation. We will:

  • work with you to scope, prioritise and agree the work
  • ensure the right combination of people are ready – either in-house or our freelance and contractor network
  • set up our project tracking, task management and collaboration tools so they are ready for your project 
  • track progress and enable you to have regular status updates
  • manage shifts in the scope and priorities to keep your project on track

If you have a project that would benefit from our project-managed services, why not contact us now? We would welcome the opportunity to listen to your needs and discuss how 3di can help.

If you think 3di might be able to help you by providing a more sustained service, find out about our outsourcing services.


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