Localization readiness audit and training

Localization readiness audit and training

If you want to take a product to the global market, then internationalization couldn’t be more important. By internationalizing your source product, you are building in support for multiple locales. You are letting your users choose the most appropriate locale for them while using the product itself.

Make your product easier to use, easier to understand and easier to enjoy for your customers all over the world.

Getting in there early

Internationalization is the engineering effort that takes place before localization and translation. We can get involved up-stream during the software development phase to provide your development managers with internationalization consultancy and localization readiness training services. These are valuable skills that will make sure all your software architecture is the best it can be to support a headache-free localization into multiple languages, now and in the future. Creating a source product with translation and localization in mind not only saves you from encountering problems further down the line, but also saves you from extra re-engineering costs. Internationalization allows you to create one product for all your customers, instead of needing a different product for each region.

The 3di internationalization team can provide development managers with advice, support and coding expertise for:

  • multilingual character sets, fonts, and encoding schemes
  • designing international assembly frameworks that enable rapid sim-ship localization
  • assessment and localization readiness audit of software applications for international use
  • international usability, design, and testing for your software products
  • design guidelines on how to improve your international design and localization engineering workflow

Need your software re-engineered? Software localization services

If internationalization is missed during development, the likelihood is that your source product will need some modifications before it can be rolled-out in a state that is fit for the global market – 3di’s engineers can help you do this.

We’ll work with you to re-engineer your product, adding the new internationalized functionality within the timescales you need. What you’ll get is a product that will support a pain-free localization. A small investment in re-design with localization in mind can often result in large savings in overall costs – savings that grow with the number of languages you publish.

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