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Year of collaboration

2014 – ongoing


A world leader in pre-hospital care solutions

Remote Diagnostic Technologies (RDT), now part of Philips, is a medical device company who specialise in the design, manufacture, and worldwide distribution of remote monitoring and resuscitation solutions for pre-hospital and critical care services. Founded in 1997, RDT is based in Hampshire and serves an international customer base.


A coherent documentation and localization strategy

In 2014, RDT’s technical documentation consisted of an extensive User Manual created in MS Word which was time-consuming to update and unable to scale up in line with the changing needs of the business. RDT recognised that they needed to move to an XML-based single-sourcing tool and required expert help to do so.

With deals pending in a number of territories that would require local language versions of both their product and documentation, RDT also knew that they needed a specialist partner to develop a coherent localization strategy.

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Regulatory requirements, limited scope to test User Interfaces (UIs) remotely, time to market

Operating in a highly-regulated industry, all technical documentation had to comply with Medical Device Regulations, and localization Documents of Conformity would be required to confirm adherence to agreed standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Localization of RDT’s Tempus Pro device and accompanying documentation was driven by customer orders in the relevant territory. This presented the challenge of how to achieve tight time-to-market deadlines whilst ensuring high-quality localization.

In addition, all UI testing had previously taken place in-house on the Tempus Pro device. To scale up and allow linguistic testing, an offline solution was required.


An integrated technical communication and product localization strategy

The 3di team:

  • Provided initial technical authoring consultancy to migrate the user documentation to MadCap Flare to enable faster and more accurate documentation updates.
  • Recruited a technical author to work in-house at RDT to handle day-to-day documentation requirements.
  • Developed clear SOPs for UI and documentation localization to meet stringent regulatory requirements.
  • Established a strategy to reduce time-to-market by first localizing the Tempus Pro UI followed by the technical documentation while internal software testing was carried out.
  • Set up specialist teams of translators, highly skilled in translating medical device UIs and documentation, and also able to provide linguistic testing via a simulator.
  • Created, aligned and managed Translation Memories (TMs) for each language, across content types.
  • Provided a flexible and scalable localization service, responding to RDT’s product development cycles.

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Scalable technical documentation strategy, far more efficient product-to-market capability, and a consistent customer experience across 10+ languages

  • RDT now deploys their Tempus technology in 10 languages.
  • They have a standard approach to launching products in new markets.
  • Updates to the technical documentation are quicker and more accurate across all languages thanks to the efficient use of MadCap Flare as part of a coherent localization strategy.
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