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Awards and Accreditations

In our two decades of experience in the Technical Communication, Translation and Localization industries, we’ve picked up 11 industry awards, as well as several accreditations.


3di award wins

The purpose of the UK Technical Communication Awards, run by the ISTC, is to recognise the value of clear, concise and effective information products.

As 11-time winners of the UKTC Awards, we know how to plan and execute successful technical communication projects across a host of industries. Read more about our award-winning projects below:


3di won two merit awards at the UKTC Awards 2022, the first being for Apptio’s Help Center design and content. Judges described the project as ” A very impressive entry; clear and logical; well thought out and implemented. Road maps and detailed plans show how much care and consistent work have been applied.”

Read our case study on Apptio here

The second merit award, which also received a special commendation from the judging panel, was for 3di’s internal style guide. Judges described 3di’s style guide as ‘…comprehensive, consistent (with explanation and good examples of usage). It also allows for (and expects) updates. This entry is very impressive and the style guide is one I would love to use.’

Read the Communicator Journals article on the two award wins here


3di won two merit awards, with the first being for Unzer’s API documentation portal. Judges described the portal as “…a good quality entry. It is clear from the entry form that a lot of work went into this portal. Various types of software have been used to produce this entry yet the final result is seamless. It is a good quality product.”

Read our Unzer case study.

The second merit award was for Indigiovision’s Agora documentation. Judges called the documentation “…a high-quality entry.”, citing “It is great to see the end result of collaboration between companies. All involved should be proud of what they have achieved.”

Read our IndigoVision blog post.


3di won two awards at UKTC 2017; Best use of single sourcing and multi-channel publishing and best business integration. Judges described the portal as “… a great example of multi-channel publishing. It uses a variety of media to educate the user on what One Net is, and how to use it. This is a great example of what can be achieved when there is a good working relationship between two businesses. The entry focuses on the customer experience to very good effect.”


3di won two merit awards at UKTC 2016; one for Best Conceptual Communication and one for Best Procedural Communication.

Judges described the Best Conceptual Communication entry as “A very accomplished and attractive video. The design concept is fresh and suits the subject matter very well. The importance of product information and accessibility of that information is demonstrated effectively.”

For the Best Procedural Communication entry, judges said “The booklet produced to accompany the product is very well designed and constructed for the purpose. The submission description indicates that the booklet was produced to tight timescales and on a low budget. This makes it even more impressive as this is not evident.”


2015’s UKTC awards saw 3di win a Trio of awards: Best Conceptual Communication, Best Use of Single Sourcing and Multi-channel Publishing, and Best Product Integration.

Best Conceptual Communication was awarded for our work on the Engineering Construction Industry Association ‘Productivity Best Practice’ Guides. Explaining the reasons for the win, UKTC judges described this guide as ‘engaging, consistent and – above all – useful to UK Engineering Construction Industry. We particularly liked the overviews for each section, and the provision of checklists.”

Both Best use of Single Sourcing and Multi-Channel Publishing and Best Product Integration were awarded for our work with Vertu. The Judging panel praised how ‘…Clear and easy to follow, these guides are an excellent example of collaboration across disciplines providing a set of documents that meet the needs of a diverse international audience with high expectations.”

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Home » Awards and Accreditations

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