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E-learning Translation and Localization

E-learning courses in multiple languages

The world of e-learning is changing constantly to adapt to new generations and technologies. Add to this the fact that each market is different, and needs a bespoke approach, and you start to see why localizing e-learning can be difficult. To be worthwhile, e-learning translation and localization needs to be smart and future-proof.

That’s why 3di doesn’t just localize your content for various languages. We have decades of experience in designing processes and preparing your courses for adaptation. We can simplify the process for all aspects of your e-learning courses, including text, videos, animations, narrations, images and assessments.

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Translation is tactical. Localization is strategic.

Our services go beyond just translation. E-learning translation and localization contains different terminology, graphics, currencies, tone of voice and lots of other details that can have very different interpretations in different countries and regions. Localization deals with all these factors and considers what the experience of using your e-learning or courseware will feel like for different customers, allowing you to effectively target customers in different markets.

3di employs highly experienced human translators who can translate your e-learning content into any major world language. Whether it requires scientific understanding, experience in technical fields, or knowledge of highly regulated markets, our translators know the importance of using the right terms in the right places. They also know that effective e-learning content needs a human voice if it is to pass on knowledge or skills effectively. Our e-learning translation services make complexity clear for your customers, no matter where they are, and ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Why we are a trusted translation and localization partner

Quality assurance

3di is ISO9001:2015 certified, so you can be assured that any work undertaken will be completed to the highest standard. We know that quality translation is achieved through a combination of great translators and efficient processes. 3di are also a member of the Globalization and Localization Association.

20+ years experience

3di has provided translation, localization and technical communication services to over 300 customers. During this time, we’ve honed our craft of creating multilingual versions of complex products, technical documentation and e-learning projects.

Complexity made clear

As well as being translation and localization experts, we also specialise in technical communication – we’ve won many awards for the combined services. So, unlike many other translation service providers, we understand how you have created your content and can support you to make sure it’s as ready for localization as possible.

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Home » Services » Translation and Localization » E-learning Translation and Localization

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