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Year of collaboration

2014 – ongoing


A specialist digital learning agency in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors

Delta Kn is a specialist learning agency within AMICULUM providing a range of services to clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare delivery sectors. Delta Kn focuses on changing knowledge and affecting behaviour in order to improve outcomes. Services include a range of face-to-face and digital multi-device learning assets, virtual meetings and point-of-need resources.


A reliable and repeatable localization and engineering process

Delta Kn needed reliable and consistent localization services from an expert partner to convert diverse resources into multiple languages. Their clients’ language needs are often complex, so they needed an agile partner they could count on at any time.

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Medically sensitive content in a rich e-learning context

Communicating in the medical and pharmaceutical field requires absolute accuracy and meticulous attention to detail. As well as the complex subject matter, the e-learning included layers of interaction to create an engaging learning experience and optimise knowledge retention. These layers and content structures needed to be just as effective across multiple languages and the localization of these needed to be as efficient as possible.


An efficient localization and engineering strategy handling multiple languages

The 3di team:

  • Analysed Delta Kn’s requirements, providing initial consultancy to advise on the best approach to localization.
  • Carefully selected expert medical translators that could be trusted to handle the source material, and could understand the complex content structures.
  • Implemented a comprehensive localization strategy, applying it to 8 languages.
  • Designed an efficient process for rebuilding and testing the translated e-learning modules, ready for delivery back to Delta Kn.
  • Introduced an innovative review tool, making it easier and quicker for the client in-country reviewers to provide feedback.
  • Created and managed Translation Memories (TMs) for each language, across content types, to provide consistent translations.
  • Coordinated the feedback of client reviewers to achieve consistency across e-learning modules and ensure accuracy compared to source material.

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Shorter time-to-market across products

  • Delta Kn now benefits from a fast and efficient workflow, that has enabled it to reduce its time-to-market for client projects.
  • Delta Kn can be confident that its localized material meets the same high standard as the source.
  • Delta Kn uses different approaches for e-learning, depending on what their clients need – they can now rely on an expert partner that can be flexible and deliver high quality, whatever the approach.


Accuracy and consistency are crucial for the resources we develop. Partnering with 3di allows us to be confident that we can maintain our high standards, in multiple languages. Over the years we have developed robust processes which ensure this accuracy whilst allowing us to be agile enough to meet ever-changing needs. A dependable translations partner is key to maintaining our relationships with international markets – working with 3di has allowed us to not only maintain, but strengthen these relationships over the years.

Laura Fish, Commercial Account Lead, Delta Kn

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