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Year of collaboration



A manufacturer of professional industrial 3D printers

RPS is a UK-owned and operated company that manufactures, sells and supports a diverse range of professional industrial 3D printers, materials and software. The company also provides professional technical support to all users of stereolithography and laser sintering hardware. This includes laser head refurbishment, maintenance and repairs, as well as upgrades to hardware and spare parts.


A revision of existing 3D printer model documentation

RPS needed to make sure that its flagship product, the NEO800 3D printing system, had a straightforward, future-proof instruction manual.

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Lack of access to the product, tight deadline

The 3di authors working on the project had to rework the existing documentation without access to the actual hardware and software in question. There was no time for an on-site visit as the deadline was quite tight. Fortunately, the customer’s Subject Matter Expert was very responsive, which allowed us to substantially improve the documentation’s quality in a short period of time.


A substantial revision of the documentation, followed by an analysis of further possible improvements and maintenance guidelines

The 3di team:

  • Provided initial consultancy to assess the quality of the existing product documentation.
  • Revised the documentation in line with technical communication standards, enforcing consistent terminology, rewriting procedures, improving graphics, structure, language, readability and other areas.
  • Worked with an SME reviewer to implement feedback within the project timeframe.
  • Provided the customer with a set of guidelines about further improvements and future maintenance of the documentation.

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Better documentation and lessons for the future

  • Improved the quality of RPS technical documentation.
  • Improved the presentation and user experience. 
  • Set in place practical guidelines for RPS staff to follow, so they can create new documentation in the future. 


“I was very happy with the result. The work was done quickly and professionally, and it was delivered in a format that allowed us to easily edit it when it required updating.”

Steve Moran, Financial Director, RPS

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