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Service collaboration

At 3di, all our technical authors are trained to use Flare, and most of our senior authors are certified in the MadCap Advanced Developer (MAD) Certification Program, which recognises and validates an author’s ability to use Flare.

Our localization engineers also develop expertise in the tools, putting new versions to the test and stretching MadCap Flare’s and Lingo’s capabilities with ever more exotic language translations and publishing contexts.

Our Poland and UK teams organise and host Flare user group events.


“Through the strength of our Channel Partner program, 3di Information Solutions has become an integral partner in extending the knowledge and expertise of our products throughout the UK and Europe. Their team’s certification in our products and understanding of our solutions show their tremendous commitment to offering the very best to their customers. And as valued partners, 3di team members are regular attendees and speakers at our MadWorld technical communication and content strategy conference offered in the US and Europe.”

David Ferriot, VP of Marketing at MadCap Software

Why we use MadCap software

There are five reasons we use MadCap Flare:

Efficient authoring – Flare supports single-source, topic-based authoring. This means content written for one product can easily be tailored for other variations of the product. Also, because of its single-source content, it can be published on multiple channels.

Ease of use – It’s very easy to start a new project or set up a new author using MadCap Flare. You can use existing content from Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, HTML and DITA files, and import it straight into MadCap Flare. Also, MadCap Flare’s WYSIWYG XML editor and layout modes allow you to see how content would appear on web, print, tablet and mobile.

Enhanced user experience – MadCap Flare’s features enable an enhanced user experience. You can create interactive content with multimedia capabilities, such as embedded videos. You can also create content for responsive websites, so the same content can be presented differently depending on the size of the screen or device. 

Innovation and support – MadCap Software provides a continual program of innovation and improvement, with online or on-site training courses, and online help for all its products. 

Support for translation – MadCap Lingo works with Flare and provides a tightly integrated workflow to manage the translation process efficiently. Flare also works efficiently with translation industry standard file formats such as XLIFF and with the ubiquitous SDL Trados Studio toolset.

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