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3di helps businesses around the world communicate clearly about complex products. We know that great technical documentation adds value to your product and improves your customer’s experience. Whether you need an operating manual for an industrial woodchipper, online help for a walking robot, or API documentation for a digital payment platform, 3di has a proven track record.

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How we produce great technical writing

Good technical writing creates clear information about complex products, machinery, software and processes. It delivers significant value because it adds to the customer experience, reduces risks, and supports digital transformation. At 3di, our technical writing services focus on four key pillars of good technical writing:


Easy to find

Easy to understand

Easy to maintain

Challenges with technical writing you may have experienced

  • No resources dedicated to technical writing; other employees write documentation “on the side”
  • Poor communication between engineers and content creators
  • No confidence that what you publish is actually what customers need
  • Planning, writing, reviewing, publishing, translating and updating your content is messy and painful
  • Your product is improving rapidly, but your manuals are getting left behind
  • A once-perfect manual is now out of date and too scary to try and fix

Our technical writing and authoring services

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Award-winning technical documentation writing services

At 3di, we’ve been providing award-winning technical writing services since 2002. We can help you clearly communicate with your customers, employees and partner organisations about your complex product and how your organisation works. Our in-house team of professional technical writers have experience in many industries and have received numerous accolades at the UK Technical Communication awards for creating information portals, writing API documentation and providing fully outsourced documentation writing services.

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Expertise in many industries

Six reasons to work with us

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1. Outsourcing to a qualified authoring team

Outsourcing to us allows your best people to remain focused on your core business, where their time is much better spent working on your product. Technical writing is what we do every day, so we have lots of experience. Setting up tools and processes yourself is risky and time-consuming. We already have these in place and ready to deploy. We know what’s needed to make your content even more valuable than it is now. We save you the trouble and the headache of figuring everything out yourself.

2. Accelerated time to market – We are fast!

Your product is almost ready, and now would be the perfect time to write the content. But you cannot devote core resources to it and cannot wait to hire dedicated staff. Using us as a service provider makes you move faster because we are set and ready to go.

3. Compliance and Safety

With complex and advanced products, comprehensive documentation is a must. We have experience following compliance rules for a given industry and making sure your documentation meets all required certification criteria.

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4. Information design

To create information that really works, it needs to be designed. Within our niche field, best practices have emerged over the years and 3di has become an expert at knowing how to combine and deploy these for our customers. We have proven Information Models for solving the needs that you’ll have, and we’ll adapt these based on Discovery sessions and reviewing any current documentation. We’ll be recommending a flexible, modular mix of text, graphics, illustrations, and video to be used across the range of outputs you’ll need.

5. Content marketing

Your technical and user documentation can be a powerful contributor to your content marketing strategy. We design and create information that can support the buying process, onboarding, day-to-day use and throughout the customer lifecycle.

6. Content analytics

Our design expertise ensures we focus on creating information that’s really needed. After it’s published, we use a range of techniques to check how the content is actually being used. The more we understand about the impact of the content, the easier it will be to deliver the returns on investment you expect. 3di will be able to focus our time on the content that matters, and recommend what’s worth writing, translating and publishing.

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