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As your organisation grows, the contribution made by your technical and product information will need to change. As you develop more products and services, forge new partnerships or expand into new regions, the people that need your information, how they find it, and what they use it for will change. This can quickly create problems; different teams duplicating content, out of date information, and inefficient tools and workflows.

3di can help by providing consultancy expertise to understand the business context of your technical and product content. From here, 3di can recommend content models, provide expert technical writing services, and put in place processes and tools to ensure your content continues to support your business objectives.

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Common issues arising from a lack of content strategy

Here are some of the common issues faced by organisations that haven’t implementated a robust content strategy:


Poorly organised documentation can lead to misinformation about your products and services, and confusion across your teams about who is supposed to create, curate and maintain your documentation.

Your potential for growth can be restricted by how hard it is to adapt, update, translate and publish information to your customers, partners and employees.

Your reputation with your customers and business partners can be damaged, and employees become ineffective and demoralised by poor, inaccurate documentation.

Poorly planned documentation can have other effects on your business – It can harm your sales and marketing efforts, hurt your brand reputation and give your competitors an advanatage over you.

What’s driving improvement of your technical content strategy?

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Whatever is driving your need to improve how you communicate, 3di can combine proven approaches with authors who understand your business context and subject matter:

  • Supporting a growing organisation – your organisation is growing strongly, and you need to agree on a consistent and easy-to-manage way of communicating about what happens, and what you do
  • Streamlining and reorganising your existing content – helping you to quickly adapt and change your information as your products and services do
  • Merging businesses or departments – simplify and organise how you will work in the future
  • Updating the way you present information – helping you create findable, easy to use documentation and help resources
  • Responding to audit feedback or a serious problem – you need to review and fix the way you document and manage your processes and procedures

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Our process

3di can help you create information that will be easy to find, understand, act on and maintain. Here is a brief overview of the kind of work we carry out when implementing a new content process:

Agree with you what information people will really need to know and ensure we understand the contexts in which they will need to access it.

Work with your process owners and with staff who are actually doing the tasks that the procedures describe.

Create an information model that establishes a structure, a tone of voice, navigation and formatting conventions.

Get the best from your preferred technologies: for example, Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 or Atlassian Confluence.

Prototype combinations of text, tables, graphics, flow charts, checklists, playbooks, animations and videos, to establish what works best for you.

Ensure your team can replicate what we have produced.

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If you want to find out more about our award-winning technical authoring team, our process, or previous work we have completed for some of the world’s most well-known companies, you can visit our blog post or case studies pages for more information. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss how we can help with your business processes and procedures, contact us using the link below.

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