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Year of collaboration

2015 – 2019


A global leader in healthcare data management solutions

BridgeHead Software delivers data and storage management solutions and services to healthcare organisations across the globe, enabling them to improve patient care. BridgeHead’s leading products include specialised backup and recovery solutions for hospital systems, and HealthStore, an Independent Clinical Archive that consolidates, protects and shares patient data.


To deliver product documentation of real value to users

BridgeHead knew its product documentation set didn’t always meet their users’ needs. They recognised the need to bring in 3di’s expertise to identify underlying problems and deliver the changes that would enable them to achieve their goals.

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A complex product, constant change, unrealised potential

BridgeHead had a vision for documentation and had invested in the skills and the market-leading authoring tool, Madcap Flare, to achieve it. However, the small in-house team struggled to maintain the complex documentation set in the required timescales, and the company risked losing the benefits of its investments.


A single localization process delivering 30+ languages

The 3di team:

  • Performed a documentation use case analysis to identify content needs.
  • Evaluated gaps in, and quality of, existing documentation set.
  • Created a new information model, covering all aspects of documentation from release notes, technical guides and how-to topics, to getting started videos and troubleshooting
  • Used online help and embedded user assistance to improve user experience
  • Put forward ways to improve processes, the existing documentation set and training materials
  • Identified quick wins and a transition roadmap for the future.
  • Set up a 3di outsource service to improve the processes and standard of documentation.
  • Managed and delivered clear and useful documentation as part of the agile development process.

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Significant improvements enable the client to take back control

BridgeHead documentation roadmap with 3di Info:

  • Documentation is integrated with development, no longer delaying software releases.
  • The team delivers clear writing standards and a bespoke style guide supporting best-practice authoring.
  • Better use made of Madcap Flare capabilities, such as reusing content, topic-based authoring and improved online outputs.
  • Profile of documentation in the company is raised, with greater awareness of its value.
  • Solid foundations were established, allowing BridgeHead to start the process of taking documentation back in-house.


“3di have been an excellent partner to BridgeHead. They performed an analysis of our documentation and processes, recommended a route forward, and executed that plan in the three-year timescale agreed. They have been flexible in the way they work with BridgeHead, and the quality of the output has been very high. On top of that, the whole experience has been positive and enjoyable.”

Crispin Jewitt, VP Products & Engineering, BridgeHead

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