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How great documentation can stop you losing customers

3 ways documentation can help increase customer retention and sales

by Danny Naylor • 7 July 2022
Consulting, Tools and TrainingNewstechnical communication

MadCap Flare tips and tricks

Find out how to customize your MadCap Flare workspace to suit your needs

by Agata Rygielska • 4 April 2022
Consulting, Tools and TrainingOnline documentationPracticestechnical communicationTechnical Writing

MadCap Flare: editing the documentation portal’s front-end

How to use MadCap Flare to create the front-end of your documentation portal.

by Agata Rygielska • 31 May 2022
Content distributionNewstechnical communication

How to ensure your technical documentation works

How to ensure your documentation is found, read and understood

by Matt Rus • 25 November 2021
NewsPracticesTechnical Writing

Using literary techniques for technical documentation

Make your documentation easier to use and understand using literary techniques

by Sarah Eager • 25 April 2021
NewsTranslation and Localization

Data anonymisation

With increasing privacy regulations, is it time you anonymised your data?

by Agenor Hofmann-Delbor • 3 November 2021