Software Translation and Localization

Software Translation and Localization services

The way you have built your software and web applications will determine how easy it is to localize. Many development tools and platforms support efficient localization but some don’t. You may be dealing with legacy systems or development approaches that restrict your ability to localize efficiently. Whatever your situation, you need to test early, and keep an open mind about what the best localization process might be.

Over the last 17 years, the 3di in-house localization engineering team has worked with just about every software development tool. We will be able to quickly advise you on how to supply packages of source files for language and character-sets testing. Together, we will agree a process to minimise any manual extracting/importing, building, testing and publishing.

The market-specific quality assurance process we carry out ensures that all naming, linguistic and formatting conventions are maintained throughout. We’ll test your localized product using the latest tools to make sure everything is in order before returning the product to you. What you get is a product that is ready to roll out to each market.

Our individual software translators will understand your domain, and know how to achieve clarity and consistency across your UI.

Internationalization – preparing your software so it’s easy to localize

If you want to take a product to the global market, then internationalization couldn’t be more important. By internationalizing your source product, you are building in support for multiple locales. You are letting your users choose the most appropriate locale for them while using the product itself.

Make your product easier to use, easier to understand and easier to enjoy for your customers all over the world.

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Why localize your software?

If your software is used solely by technical engineers or scientists, you may have been able to avoid (so far) needing to translate the words that appear in your UI.

However, software users world-wide increasingly expect to be able to work and interact with software and web applications in their mother-tongue. We know this from what our customers tell us, and research has backed this up for years:

As importantly, software buyers are increasingly specifying local-language availability, and your competitors may already have invested and have an advantage in specific markets.

Localizing your software UI for a new market is certainly an investment but the potential returns can be substantial – driving access to new customers, improving your negotiating position with distributors, and making subsequent new markets easier to localize for.

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